SuperTT Drivers

| Bill Kinnane

Elliot Wright


Ingleburn, NSW

Current Season

Class: O2S
Points: 14
Position: 43
DropRound: 0
Corrected: 14

Team / Sponsor Name
One Way Racing / Bevisco Commercial Interiors P/L

Race History
Started in Super Sprints with the TSOA Cub of NSW way back round about 2000 AD.
Got involved in MRA (Terry & Mark’s fault) about 7 year ago.
Always driven a Triumph (that’s Mark’s fault, again), always will drive a Triumph! (can’t afford a flash car like a Holden, Honda, Peugeot or Nissan…..)
First Wakefield 300 in 2012 AD.

Race Highlights
Just finishing a race is a highlight!
First in ‘class’ Wakefield 300 2012 – In a Triumph in the big wet!
The camaraderie with my fellow competitors.